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Service Provider - Onkod

Onkod provides daily scheduled service in Fort McMurray between Borealis, Millenium and Noralta camps.  The service also connects with the Red Arrow ticket office, located at 8217 Franklin Avenue. 

Onkod operates comfortable 10 passenger vans and professional, experienced and courteous drivers ready to take the stress out of travel.

As with all of the service providers on AlbertaBus.com, customers and their safety and comfort are Onkod's number one priority.


Onkod FAQs

1.  Where does the bus travel in Alberta?
Onkod services the following camps in Fort McMurray: Borealis, Millenium and Noralta.

2. If I miss my coach can I take another one?
Yes, subject to availability and if prior notification of a valid reason for missing the bus is received either in person or in any other form of communication.

3. Can I cancel my trip and get a full refund?
Yes, if cancelled upto 4 hours prior to commencement of the trip.

4. Do I need ID when traveling on the coach?
ID is not required.

5. What is the minimum age that a child can travel alone?
Children 14 years old and above can travel unaccompanied by adults.

6. Do I have to book my trip in advance?
Booking in advance is the preferred option.

7. How far in advance should I arrive before departure?
You should arrive 5 – 10 minutes prior to departure.

8. If I need a ticket at the last minute can I pay the driver cash?
Yes. The driver will issue a paper ticket for you.

9. Can my child sit on my lap?
Yes, if the child is not older than 3 years.

10. Can I bring a car seat on board?
Unless you pay the full fare for a seat, the car seat will be stored in the luggage compartment.

11. Are pets allowed on the coach?
No pets are allowed on board.

12. How many pieces of luggage can I have?
A passenger is allowed two piece of baggage. One regular size in the luggage compartment, and one small size which shall be carried on the passengers lap.  A $5 charge will be allotted to additional baggage.

13. If I require a wheelchair or a scooter can I travel on the bus?
Unforuntately we cannot accommodate wheelchairs or scooters on our vehicles.

14. Can my attendant travel with me at a reduced fare?
Attendant must pay full fare.

15. What is the maximum seating capacity of your bus?
Vehicles can accommodate 10 passengers.

Contact Information

Phone:  780-750-6400
Email:  onkod@shaw.ca